Wit, Snark and Light in the Dark
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About the Author

Deborah Smith Parker is a writer, poet, essayist, blogger and author of two books.

Deborah Smith ParkerIn her first book, Humanus Astrologicus, Parker’s unique use of language fashions clever verse and insightful prose to go where no astrologer has gone before and easily takes the reader along. Unlike many astrology books, it has richness both for the person clueless about astrology as well as the seasoned astrologer.

The Horse that Haunts My Heart quickly captivates anyone who ever loved a horse – or wished they had – with a coming of age memoir that chronicles the extraordinary relationship Parker developed with her horse, shaped by the poignancy, hilarity and drama that tested relationships undergo –all set against the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains.

Readers' Raves... Humanicus Astrologicus
Reading Humanus Astrologicus moved me from my normal skepticism to believing astrology has a deeper basis in reality than I suspected. Written with wit, style and great psychological insight, and in verse at that, Humanus Astrologicus helped explain me to myself (and who not to marry next time around).

Bill Manville Author

Amazing! For anyone who has ever wondered about the personality portraits of those in their family, work and social relationships, this book is a lot of information in the disguise of fun.

P.H. Miller Reader

This book is a "must" for anyone with even a passing interest in astrology. In my case, as a professional astrologer, it is fast becoming a great tool for getting points across to clients. The work of Ms. Parker is a brilliant and user-friendly introduction to astrology.

Anne Beversdorf Astrologer

Readers' Raves... The Horse that Haunts My Heart
To have this great story told with a back drop of moving through adolescence and the beautiful Rocky Mountains was a real treat. The story and the look back at the lessons learned from this experience with her horse were truly touching. I loved it!

Nancy Maples Reader

I can't say I couldn't put it down, because I found I needed to stop periodically and allow it all to sink deep into my soul. I like books like that. The ones that resonate so deeply you need to let them steep into your bones.

R.S. Reader

This book nourished the part of me that sometimes sees the dark night of the soul and needs to reconnect with the greater light of being. Not your soupy, gauzy-eyed, tie-dyed spirituality, either. This is meat and potatoes ranch stew served up cowboy style to stick to your ribs.

Jim Hennum Astrologer

A compelling and meaningful account of a smart, gutsy teenage girl and a powerful yet gentle beast full of strength and surprises. This book is alive with adventure and excitement. Maya Angelou says in her poem: “The Human Family”: In minor ways we differ; in major ways we are the same. This wonderfully written story beautifully illustrates that great truth.

Dr. Samuel Betances Author

Some books enable you to step out of your skin and enter the world the author creates. This is one of those books. Deborah Parker's writing pulled me into her adventures with her horse, adventures I not only longed for but was prevented from doing in my life. The Horse That Haunts My Dreams let me live that life.

Ethel Parker Lifelong horse lover

I was immediately hooked by this story that lives within every person, a coming of age complete with all of its romance, fears, pains, joys & laughter. Deborah writes with sensory perception that transported me into the book, I heard the squeak of the saddles, I could smell the horses, the sage, the fresh air, I felt the pain and joy. I didn’t want the story to end. Beautiful.

J. Estensen Counselor