Marcus Family Law Center, PLC is at the forefront of all family law matters, including areas related to family law.

In the course of our representation of the client, we endeavor to guide the courts into making the right decision. There are times when judges make mistakes. Sometimes, the errors can be corrected with motions to reconsider, to renew, to set aside, to vacate, or to set new trial. When those remedies fail or are unavailable, that is what Appeals and Petitions for Writ are for.

Petitions for Writ: These are expedited requests to the Appellate Court for immediate intervention in an ongoing lower court proceeding that is going wrong. Examples of such a proceedings are as follows:


  • Writ of Mandamus

    Mother lived with teen-aged Daughter outside of California. Father would have Daughter for summer visitation in California. One summer, Father

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  • Writ of Supersedeas

    As a form of punishment, the judge ordered Party-1 to pay Party-2 hundreds of thousands of dollars more than Party-1

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  • Appeals

    These are requests for review of final judgments and orders. Marcus Family Law Center, PLC has been involved in a

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