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Tips for Moving Homes With Kids - Part 1

One common source of stress for families who have sold their homes is facing the daunting task of moving a household with young children in tow.   Take heart in knowing that generations of parents have done it every day and it doesn’t have to be as torturous as it may seem. We’ve compiled some easy steps to hopefully make the road to your new home a smooth one, taking into consideration the wants, needs and demands of the youngest members of your family. Tip 1: Make small talk Involving your young children through conversation early on in the process is key. Have a family meeting and share with them why moving is the right decision for your family. Discuss how the new house will be different and how their lives may be affected directly. Make sure you listen to them in return, as well. They may have many questions about this...talking with kids
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Family Fun Events in LA This Weekend 6/26/15 - 6/28/15

Friday 6/26 Hollywood Bowl: Sound Of Music Sing-A-Long 6:30 p.m. Hollywood Bowl 2301 Highland Ave Los Angeles, CA 90068 Click here for more details   Redondo Beach Pier: Free Outdoor Screening of Dolphin Tales 2 8 p.m. Redondo Beach Pier 100 Fisherman’s Wharf Redondo Beach 90277 Click here for more details   Saturday 6/27 Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out with Preshow at El Capitan Theatre 9:55 p.m. El Capitan Theatre 6838 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood, CA 90028 Click here for more details   26th Annual Mariachi USA Festival 6 p.m. Hollywood Bowl 2301 Highland Ave Los Angeles, CA 90068 Click here for more details   L.A. Urban Nature Fest 9:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. Natural History Museum 900 Exposition Blvd. Los Angeles, CA  90007 Click here for more details   L.A. Mermaid School: Learn how to be a mermaid Various Classes throughout the day 800MAIN 800 Main Street Venice, CA 90291 Click here for...6173846353 99b6439f2b z
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How to get your home sold quickly - part 10

For the last few weeks we’ve talked about prepping your home for sale and the ten easy steps to make your house as desirable as possible in order to sell it quickly for the most amount of money. That brings us to our final tip to ponder. You know the old adage: the lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client? Or doctors make the worst patients? Well, the same can be said for selling a home. It’s no secret, agent! When it’s all said and done, the best defense you have in the home selling and buying business is an experienced, reputable agent. In other words, do your home work! Ask around to your friends, neighbors and co-workers about who they have worked with in the past and what their thoughts were about using him/her. A neighborhood specialist is important because this agent really knows his immediate market...15748674428 919cabf35a z
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How to get your home sold quickly - part 9

We’ve been going through the 10 easy steps outlining how to get your home sold quickly. We are almost at the end of our journey and have saved the best for (nearly) last. Just a spoonful of sugar - Nothing says home-sweet-home nicer than delicious treats baked from scratch. One surefire way to give your home that little something extra while it’s open to the public is to have some freshly baked goods available, straight from the oven. People walk in to look at your home and are immediately transported by the delicious aromas. They taste a treat while looking around, savoring something delicious. Selling a house isn’t just about the physical and structural building. It’s crafting a whole imagined life for the buyer. It’s appealing to all the senses at once and inserting pleasure while experiencing that first impression. No time to bake? Heat up a few tablespoons of vanilla...5283911571 a8c7c54c13 z
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How to get your home sold quickly - part 8

Light it up! It’s not hard to get your house ready to be sold! In fact, we’ve been going through the first of ten easy steps that you can do to get your house in tip-top showing shape before it hits the market. The goal is always to get the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time and these steps will help you achieve that. Today’s tip may be the easiest one yet! Lighten up! Before you get your house on the market, go to every room and make sure the light bulbs are alive and raring to go.  Make sure the windows are scrubbed and clean so all that beautiful, natural light can stream right in. Psychologically speaking, buyers respond much better to bright, airy spaces than darker ones so don’t be afraid to take stock of your lighting situation before you hit the market. That is...3191659268 9e3f76aa2e z
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How to get your home sold quickly - part 7

To market, to market We’ve been giving you the easy, mostly DIY steps you need to take to bring your home to market.  In steps 1-6, amongst other topics, we’ve also covered repairs, staging, easy showings and great photography. Now we’re ready to talk about marketing and advertising your property. Full Exposure: Selling a house is definitely not your grandma’s game anymore. Technology has brought the business to a whole new level of marketing and it’s one the Ben Lee Properties team has thoughtfully researched and (we hope) conquered.  There is the traditional way to market and we certainly still do all that encompasses: (using the Multiple Listing Service, or MLS; mailers, signs, banners, flags, newspaper ads, etcetera). We also have created community newsletters that get mailed to 9000 neighbors every month.  But the real trend in marketing is happening on line. This year I actually hired a new member to...11415768915 de45e25243 o
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Family Fun Events in LA This Weekend 6/12/15 - 6/14/15

Friday 6/12 Hello Kitty’s Supercute Friendship Festival All Day The Fabulous Forum Click here for more details   Redondo Beach Boardwalk Free Movie Screening of Pixar’s Up Redondo Beach Boardwalk 8 p.m. - 10 p.m. Click Here for more details   Free Entry to Aquarium of the Pacific's "Shark Lagoon Nights" 100 Aquarium Way Long Beach, California 90802 6 p.m. -  9 p.m. Click Here for more details   Metro Art Presents: Who Framed Roger Rabbit Union Station 800 North Alameda St,, Los Angeles, CA 90046 8 p.m. Click Here for more details   Saturday 6/13 Ultimate Dog Festival COLUMBIA PARK 4045 190TH St TORRANCE, CA 90504 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Click Here for more details   Pokémon: Symphonic Evolutions Greek Theatre 2700 North Vermont Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90027 8 p.m. Click Here for more details   Eat|See|Hear Santa Monica : Edward Scissorhands (PG-13) Santa Monica High School 601...dolce isola e1331564014692
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How to get your home sold quickly - part 6

For the past week we’ve been providing tips on readying your house for market in ten easy steps.  Now that your home has been decluttered, staged and all those pesky little problems have been finally fixed, your home is finally ready for it’s close up.   Tip #6: Picture Perfect! One of the key distinguishing factors between a home that sells quickly and one that does not is how it’s presented to the public. A professional photographer truly makes a huge difference in accomplishing your goal to get your house sold fast and for the most money.  Trust me- a few hastily snapped shots from your Iphone will not do the trick.  Your home is now a supermodel and with that comes professional lighting, touch ups and a punishing diet (just kidding on that last part). The only way to treat a model of your home’s caliber is to hire a...182641756 094e20520f z
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How to get your home sold quickly - part 5

What’s the smartest strategy for getting your house ready to be put on the market in ten easy steps? We’ve already covered steps 1-4:  You’ve priced it well, gotten it staged, fixed small problems and skipped inspections.  Today we’re covering the fifth step so that is good news! You are already half way to a successful home sale! #5: It’s show easy :  One of the most important roles you have as a home seller is to make your property easy to show. Often times, potential buyers need to see a house without a lot of notice . This can be tough on a seller but it’s a crucial element to getting your home seen by as many interested parties as possible. One way to make a house easy to show is to declutter and simplify your furnishings (which you have already done in previous steps) thereby making tidying up a...11705392445 86c98890bc z
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How to get your home sold quickly - part 4

So far we’ve covered the first three steps in preparing your house for sale: you’ve gotten it staged, priced it appropriately and made some minor cosmetic fixes. The fourth thing you need to do:   4. Do not bother with Inspections : This is a touchy area and here is why. Every inspector will find something ‘wrong’ with your home . This is normal. Everything that is found during an inspection, though, whether small or large needs to be disclosed to any buyer.  Keep in mind, anything you have knowledge of that a buyer would consider material in their decision making process needs to be brought to their attention. You might as well not bother with getting an inspection because any buyer during their due diligence period will discover the details about your home via inspections anyway. Why waste money ‘fixing’ these problems in advance of the sale if the buyer’s...8233501246 a74b552023 z
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Family Fun Events in LA This Week 6/5/15 - 6/11/15

  Friday 6/5 Free Doughnut Day at Krispy Kreme All Day Any Krispy Kreme location! Click here for more details   Redondo Beach Boardwalk Free Movie Screening of Big Hero Six Redondo Beach Boardwalk 8 p.m. - 10 p.m. Click Here for more details   Free Entry to Aquarium of the Pacific's "Shark Lagoon Nights" 100 Aquarium Way Long Beach, California 90802 6 p.m. -  9 p.m. Click Here for more details   Dodgers Friday Night Fireworks Dodger Stadium 1000 Elysian Park Ave Los Angeles, CA 90012 7:10 p.m. Muppet History 101 Silent Movie Theatre 611 N. Fairfax Ave. 7:30 p.m. Click Here for more details   Saturday 6/6 Noah’s Ark Exhibition Skirball Cultural Center 2701 N. Sepulveda Blvd. Los Angeles, CA  90049 10 a.m. -  5 p.m. Click Here for more details   Paddleboard Race & Ocean Festival at the Santa Monica Pier Santa Monica Pier 200 Santa Monica Pier...02 Tommy Bahama Paddleboard Race and Ocean Festival from 2014
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How to get your home sold quickly - part 3

When it comes to selling your home, ten easy steps are really all it takes to bring your property to market. We’ve talked about the first two steps already: pricing it well and getting it staged. That leads us to today’s tip: 3. Make Cosmetic Repairs: While your stager has just addressed major design and appearance fixes, now it’s time to call your handyman (and we know of several who are smart, trustworthy, efficient and inexpensive) and deal with all those little problems that you’ve lived with for years. You know what I’m talking about!  All those tiny holes in the walls left behind after rearranging framed artwork? It’s now time to patch them up .  It’s also your chance to tighten loose doorknobs, replace fixtures, repaint major scuffs, address long ignored dead lightbulbs, stubborn doorjambs and figure out why some of those light switches stopped working.  It’s pretty embarrassing as...5857777188 e02dcdf895 z
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How to get your home sold quickly - part 2

We’ve been exploring the 10 easy steps to prepare your house to go on the market. Yesterday we talked about step number 1 which is pricing it correctly. The second step to successfully selling your house is: 2. Get it Professionally Staged! When an actor prepares for the stage, he wears a costume, right? Well, this is really no different. When we live in our own house, it’s easy to get comfortable with its little quirks and nuances.  The way our furniture has always been laid out, the stacks of newspapers in the corner we’ve been holding on to for too long, the treasures and mementos gathering dust on the shelves… a professional stager (and I work with and can recommend some excellent ones) is like a fresh pair of eyes that can quickly size up what needs to be done cosmetically and aesthetically to get your home ready to be...MEDIUM 20150519 2 0067 012
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How to get your home sold quickly - part 1

So, you’re ready to sell your home. Congratulations! Don’t be overwhelmed. Preparing your home for sale is actually a lot simpler than you may think and we’ve even narrowed it down to ten simple steps. Let’s start with the first step today and we’ll talk about another tomorrow. So, after ten days your house will be ready to be put on the market. How exciting!   First Step to getting your home ready for sale: One of the most important steps to this easy process is to determine a price. You owe it to yourself and your largest investment to price your home aggressively yet competitively . But, not to worry because this is where we sit down together and have a lengthy chat about a variety of things. We’ll talk about your goals in terms of what you hope to achieve financially by selling your home and then we will...5857267004 ba1aa066c4 z
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Family Fun Events in LA This Week 5/29/15 - 6/4/15

There's always plenty of family fun & friendly events going on throughout Los Angeles, but unless you hear it through the grapevine, it's hard to know what's going on until you see the events photos in the paper after the fact. Hopefully we can help keep you in the loop with this new blog section! Friday 5/29 Free Lobsta Truck "Lobsta Rolls" 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. 5645 Sepulveda Blvd., Culver City CA 90230 Click here for more details Matilda: The Musical 8 p.m. 135 North Grand Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90012 Click here for more details Ice Age Encounters 10:30 am, 11:15 am, and 12 pm Page Museum 5801 Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles, CA  9003 Click here for more details Saturday 5/30 Free Public Star Party at Griffith Observatory 2:00 p.m. to 9:45 p.m. 2800 East Observatory Rd Los Angeles, CA 90027 Click here for more details Tomorrowland screening (With...GO
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Ben Lee Frisbee Competition Announcement!

Submit your photos to Ben @ BenLeeProperties . com before July 6th to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card! With so many people relying on their electronic devices for games and entertainment, sometimes it’s nice to begin the summer season with a toy that needs no batteries, makes no noise and gets you up and out of doors with friends, family, even your dog! I hope the Frisbee (or “flying disc” as we’re probably legally required to call it) we sent out today to our Cheviot Hills & Beverlywood neighbors brings you and yours much fun in the sun!            Looking to make it even more interesting? Ben Lee Properties is holding a contest and the winner will receive a shiny, new $100 Amazon gift card . All you have to do is snap a picture of the Frisbee in action and email it to me: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will wallpaper our with logo
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Raising a Middle Child

Unless you have three children or come from a family of three siblings, it’s hard to know what it’s really like to be that middle child. In our family, there are three boys and while (as parents) we know the individual qualities that make each of our children special and unique and perfect and fabulous, ‘the middle’ often feels a little passed over in favor of the spotlight-grabbing bookend brothers. In the interest of convenience and manpower, we were guilty of doing what the parenting books cautioned against: the middle child was often dragged to the classes of the elder or play dates of the younger. His accommodating nature made it easy to justify his lack of activities by making the excuse, “He learns just as much from watching the older kids do it!”   He’d compromise television choices and ice cream flavors to please the other two. Even his bedtime...1235
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Free Emergency Survival Kits For Country Club Estates Residents

There’s always so much filming going on around Cheviot Hills, sometimes it’s nice to witness benefits that can come from it (other than seeing a familiar house on TV!). The California Country Club Homes Association works with Film L.A. to mitigate the effects of filming in the neighborhood, and also works to ensure that filming done in the neighborhood brings benefits to the whole Association.   Toward that end, the CCCHA Board has used donations received from the filming to generously treat the residents of each of the Association's 410 homes to emergency survival kits, free of charge. The kit includes everything needed for a family of four to survive for 72-hours, complete with food, water and 17 other items in a handy red backpack.   If you live within the boundaries of the Country Club Estates (the 100 acres of Cheviot Hills that, up until 1951, was actually a golf...jpg johnogroats logo1
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Housing affordability at forefront of Realtor concerns

Check out this article I read on Mercury News! - Ben California's housing affordability is at the forefront of Realtor concerns. Speaking to California Realtors in Sacramento, California Association of Realtors CEO Joel Singer said for many, housing affordability has become a personal issue. Singer said while home prices are moderating to a level that is much more sustainable and that he is optimistic about the housing market for this year and next, there is serious concern about housing affordability in California today and for years to come. Singer noted there are those who foresee by 2050 California will be a middle class of renters. "Homeownership is in jeopardy," said Singer. "Our challenge as Realtors and citizens of the state is how to re-establish housing affordability and homeownership when government policy has failed. There's no reason why the California median price of a home should be twice that of the national...6809000715 64d3162d62 z
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Cheviot Hills Fun Fact: Maria Altmann– Former Cheviot Resident

Perhaps you’ve seen the movie that is out in theatres called, ‘Woman in Gold,’ starring Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds. In case you’re unfamiliar with the story, it is the riveting tale of how Jewish refugee Maria Altmann (Mirren) successfully fought to reclaim Klimt paintings that belonged to her family but were seized by the Nazis. One painting in particular, “The Portrait of Adele Block-Bauer” (otherwise known as “The Woman in Gold,”) features Altmann’s aunt. While the Austrian government claimed the painting was part of their national pride and culture, Altmann considered it a family portrait that was wrongfully stolen during the Nazi’s regime. Altmann and her attorney, Los Angeles native Randy Schoenberg, took the case all the way to the Supreme Court.   After a lengthy battle, Schoenberg successfully argued for the painting’s return and won the case. The Austrian government returned the Woman in Gold to Altmann and it...1235
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