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What is a Listing Agreement?

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3 Steps to Buying a Home

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What is a Pocket Listing?

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What is a Short Sale?

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3 Steps to Selling a Home

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Keypoints of a Purchase Agreement and Escrow

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Marketing Your Home

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Why Do I Need a Real Estate Agent?

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Infographic: What Renovations have the Best Resale Value

From eLocal.comRenovation and Resale Infographic
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What Makes a Renter vs. an Owner

by Karen Weise August 6, 2012 In the pantheon of enduring debates, the question of renting vs. buying reigns king, a boxers-vs.-briefs with real consequences. Fannie Mae’s new Rent-Own Analysis shows that what shapes an individual’s future plans depends largely on their current status. For renters or borrowers with a mortgage, their attitudes about housing and money drive their intentions of what to do the next time they move. For people who own their homes outright, income and age are the factors that weigh heaviest in decision-making. This cohort of homeowners tend to be wealthier and older. Some aging homeowners don’t see the value in buying again. The most important factor influencing current renters is their desire to do what makes the most financial sense. Because rent prices are on the rise and home prices are still low, the scale is now tipping more toward buying than in the past....
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4 Habits of Highly Effective House Hunters

    From by Tara-Nicholle Nelson August 13, 2012 House and bull's-eye image via Shutterstock." style="float: left; margin: 10px;" border="0">If you follow the news, you might have heard that American motivational speaker Steven Covey passed away from complications of a bicycle accident last month, at 79 years old. Covey's magnum opus was his 1989 book, "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People," which has sold more than 25 million copies since its original publication. As I see it, the success of the "7 Habits" book and the cottage industry it spawned lies in the simple but profound insights Covey delivered about how to effect change in our own lives and our world -- insights he broke down individually while also showing how they interact to create a powerful, holistic way of seeing and being in the world. This approach seems less groundbreaking now than it truly was when Covey crafted...<a href=
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How to Get Your Asking Price as the Housing Market Improves

From By Mary H. J. Farrell | –  Wed, Aug 8, 2012 1:06 PM EDT   Posting the first annual increase in five years, home values rose slightly over this time last year, reports Zillow, the online real estate site. In fact, nearly one-third of the 157 metropolitan areas tracked by Zillow showed annual price increases. This is good news for homeowners who have been waiting to put their houses on the market. Before you do, a few simple spruce-ups can help get your asking price. "The housing market's recovery continues to show tremendous variation market by market. Sixty-nine of the 157 markets covered by the Zillow Home Value Forecast are expected to see increases in home values over the next year, with the largest increases expected in the Phoenix metro (9.9 percent) and the Miami metro (6.1 percent)," said Zillow on its website. "We believe that 96 out...
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How to Measure Your Home's Square Footage

By Richard Taylor | Zillow –  Wed, Jul 25, 2012 2:17 PM EDT   From   One of the most confusing and misleading metrics in the home building and home selling business is area — the “size” of a house. The problem is that there’s no adopted standard; everyone measures it differently. There has been a move in the past few years to create a universal standard like the one architects use (specified in AIA contracts), but it isn’t mandatory and isn’t yet widely used. Many state boards of real estate specify a process to measure house area, but it’s a recommendation, not a requirement. So “house area” means different things to different people. The one thing that is always true is that area is never measured from the inside of the walls; the area of a house always includes all wall thicknesses interior and exterior. Gross area Not surprisingly, builders...

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Fighting Against Lowball Home Appraisals

Poor appraising often makes it difficult for homeowners seeking to refinance. Make sure the appraiser takes into account accurate data on comparable sales in your neighborhood and how the market has changed in the past 6 months or less. By Ruth Simon of  The Wall Street Journal more from Record-low interest rates are a boon for homebuyers and homeowners seeking to refinance. But low appraisals are making it difficult or even impossible for some borrowers to take advantage. Samara Glassman and her husband, David, knew their ranch house in Phoenix had fallen in value. But they were surprised by a September 2011 appraisal valuing the four-bedroom home at $385,000, down from the $604,000 they paid in 2008. The appraisal put the couple underwater on their $402,000 mortgage — and threatened to sink their plans to refinance. When they examined the appraisal, they saw it was based on older homes a few blocks...Fighting back against lowball appraisals (© Corbis)
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Which Renovation Will Return the Cost of Investment?

Everybody wants a nicer home, but while some home improvements may improve your lifestyle, they don’t necessarily add equal value to your house. Although the return on investment partly depends on where you live, here are some general rules: Painting Real estate brokers say the more you do to enhance your home’s “curb appeal” (or how it looks when a potential buyer pulls into your driveway), the more likely you are to sell it at the price you want. Kitchen & Bathrooms A recent survey by the National Association of Realtors showed that remodeling your kitchen or bathrooms was one of the best ways to add value to your house. On average, 88% of the cost of kitchen remodel is recouped in the resale of a house, the survey says, while 82% of the cost of remodeling a bathroom is recouped. Additions Adding a room or garage to your house is...
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