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Lilli's Holiday Letter

Dear Friends and Family, December 2010 It’s hard to begin this year’s letter because 2010 turned out to be a very pleasant, solidly good, fairly basic year. Nothing too high or too low~ no major life changing announcements or big hurdles. This year we navigated our path as a family, learning how to make sense and try to keep our sanity amidst having three young, energetic, highly individual boys. A wise cousin of mine once said that when it comes to child rearing, the months are short but the days are long. Each day in our house took on the role of conquering a mini marathon. Waking up, getting dressed, eating breakfast, arguing, crying, dirty dishes, tripping over the crawling baby, phone ringing, teeth brushing, homework done? Lunches packed? Backpacks on? and all seat belted by 7:45am. Afternoons and early evenings would often be more frenetic: tired from school, homework to do, snacks and noise and crying baby and ‘look at this!’ from one with a ‘DON’T LOOK AT ME!!’ thrown in by the other, all with one arm outstretched to prevent a baby from slipping down the stairs. Dinner, baths, books, bedtime… bliss. Another day done. But with chaos comes so much fun, activity and laughter. There was no sound as sweet as hearing Vince call out for his ‘brothahs!’ only to have either Mason or Spencer spin around and do something funny just for him. Or the quiet murmurs of Ben explaining the intricacies of ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark,’ only to interrupt himself, joined by his two big boys in an exuberant chorus of ‘YEAH!! Whoo hoo!! Look at that! Did you see that? Let’s see it again.’ There are the moments that you want to commit to memory and cherish when everything else feels so insurmountable. When Mason sees me at school and the excitement he has running towards me makes me brace a bit so I don’t fall over under the weight of his hug. Or when Spencer is trying so hard to stop crying because somewhere in there he knows his tantrum is unwarranted and in a way he’s growing up a little before my eyes and through his shortness of breath and utter exhaustion he puts his arms around me and says he loves me. Even just the quiet moments when Vinnie looks at me and smiles in a way that seems like he’s glad he decided to come to this perpetually wild party. As this year draws to a close, one image keeps coming to my mind- a moment in time that perhaps best symbolizes what kind of a year it was for me. The five of us were treated to a trip to Hawaii by my father and Jeanne to celebrate my dad’s birthday. It was the day before we were scheduled to return home and all Ben and I were craving was one more day to squeeze in whatever bit of relaxation and pool-time we could. The next thing we knew, it started to rain. And it wasn’t the typical Hawaiian two minute sprinkle, it was a heavy downpour. The five of us were trying to balance in the wind, dripping amidst the soaked deckchairs and drenched umbrellas, trying to protect our eyes from the heavy raindrops, scrambling to figure out how to make Hawaii out of all this misery. And that’s when I saw the Jacuzzi. With the baby in my arms, we all started running towards the warm, bubbling oasis and quickly jumped in, letting that hot water protect us from the storm. And while all the other hotel guests were running for cover, there we were: a crazy, giggling gang… determined to have fun and happy to be together. I hope 2011 brings you together with the ones you love. From our family to yours, here’s wishing you an upcoming year of health, happiness and the clarity to cherish all those moments that make life sweet. With love, Lilli
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